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A frequently talked about topic in any trucking company is the use and maintaining of Electronic Logs. The Electronic Logging Device Rules (or ELD) were introduced in 2015 by the DOT with a compliance deadline of December 18th 2017 to “help create a safer work environment for drivers, and make it easier, faster to accurately Read More →

Summer has officially started again folks and with that warm weather comes more and more people traveling on the highways and byways with the kick off vacation season. We find that a lot of time and attention is paid to how truck drivers should drive in the winter months, but there are also plenty of dangers in Read More →

At the start of each year, we in the trucking industry start to notice more and more hazards on the roadway when commuting from one location to the next. Whether it be in climate weather, construction work, poor vehicle maintenance, congested highways and byways, or reckless motorist there are always new elements coming into play Read More →

In the world of a truck driver getting the load there on time and safely is one of the most important things that they do. Drivers take pride in driving and what they do, that’s why there are called professional drivers. But in the process of doing there job on a daily basis they will Read More →

Epes Transport is appreciative and thankful to the men and women in uniform who diligently served our country and protect our freedom.  Your unselfish generosity, representing only 1% of the population, to protect the many  is a testament to your Warrior Ethos, values, integrity, selfless service, discipline, courage and leadership. You have sacrifice much and Read More →