Spring is here and along with improved weather, you can look forward to an increase in roadside inspection activity. Conduct a comprehensive pre and post trip inspection. Record the time you spend conducting the inspection on-duty or line 4 of your electronic logs. The report must identify the vehicle and cover at least the following Read More →

A professional driver is always looking for ways to improve his/her driving performance. Once a driver realizes that unsafe patterns have been created, corrective actions, such as driving patterns and habits, must be taken. For example, a driver may become complacent with speeding or following too close. Exercise driving techniques – Maintain at least a Read More →

Winter’s arrival always coincides with the Holiday Season, so most people actually look forward to this time of year…until after New Year’s Day. It is then when we get the slow realization that we will have at least two months of cold, wet, and windy days.   As a professional driver you have no choice but Read More →

Eons ago when the first mechanics were inventing simple hand tools, the wheel and other great epiphanies, they could never have imagined the heights technology would reach at this stage of our development. Technology as a whole increases exponentially every year and nowhere is this more apparent than in my current vessel for world domination: Read More →

Alex was a rat. Not an individual of questionable character, mind you, but a small white laboratory rodent with a small brown spot in the center of his forehead. His family had worked in the research science field for generations. Alex had always excelled in any of his endeavors but his specialty had always been Read More →