Summer has officially started again folks and with that warm weather comes more and more people traveling on the highways and byways with the kick off vacation season. We find that a lot of time and attention is paid to how truck drivers should drive in the winter months, but there are also plenty of dangers in summer time driving that probably don’t get the attention they deserve. Here are a few helpful tips to keep you safe and happy in your travels over the next few hot summer months!


1. Always do your Pre-Trip Inspections! – Hot temperatures of the summer months can do a lot of wear and tear on any vehicle, from overheating, to brakes, to blow outs! Make sure you give your tractor a thorough inspection before each trip to ensure that you, your truck, and your load arrives safely at your destination.


2. Protect Yourself From Sun Exposure – The sun coming in through the driver’s side window of a truck can feel great when out on the open road, however it can also have serious risks associated with it. Using a hat, sunglasses, a sun sleeve, sunscreen, or just wearing long sleeves can help to protect you from dangerous rays from the sun.


3. Watch Out for All the Extra Drivers – In the summer months, families go on vacations, people take days off from work and there are more people on the road than any other season. For a truck driver, that makes the roads that much more crowded.  While the advice is always to stay alert on the road, Driver’s must pay particular attention to other motorist during these months. Staying alert and knowing what’s happening lessens the chances of an accident and keeps everyone safe.


4. Keep Yourself Hydrated – When the temperatures heat up, it’s very easy to forget to drink water while on the road. Make sure to have a bottle of water to stay hydrated while driving and an extra bottle of water available on hand. Heat Stroke and dehydration are very serious conditions faced by many through these hot months. Since your body is made up of 80% water, a good rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight, in ounces every day.


5. Be Aware of the Weather – While driving in winter weather is no fun exercise, summer can bring some of the most severe storms imaginable, and the weather can change on a dime. Be aware of what kind of weather is up ahead and what could be coming to your area, so you are not caught off guard by a thunderstorm or worse. Stay vigilant to stay safe and use good judgment in all inclement weather situations.


6. Be Extra Careful in Work Zones – More roadwork is done during summer months than any other time. It’s always important to be careful in a work zone because of the danger of potentially hitting a worker. Also fines for speeding and other violations are often doubled, tripled or more in a work zone, which isn’t good for a truck driver. Stay vigilant of changing road conditions, posted signs, and surroundings to help you navigate a safe track to and from any destination.


7. Roadside Inspections – Also note that dot inspections increase during warmer months! Make sure that you are following all company safety practices, procedures and are complying with all standards to insure your safety and that of those around you.


Use these tips to help make navigation the roadway and easier experience for yourself and others this summer season and as always safe travels everyone!




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