I bestow upon you the following parable: Long, long ago an old priest wandered the wilderness. He journeyed far and wide across the old world for many years with nothing but his clothing and his message. He visited many villages and farms throughout the countryside and spread his message to young and old, rich and poor alike. He trudged forth wearily but with purpose. One day as he traversed a narrow path that wound through the mountains he came upon another voyager approaching from the opposite direction. The rocky path was narrowed by two large flat stones leaving only enough room for one of the two gaunt, weathered old men to pass. The priest smiled at his fellow trekker and spoke in a welcoming tone, “Hello my friend, it appears we have reached a bit of an impasse!” “Yes, it does.” the haggard old man responded in a gravelly voice, “Sit with me and let’s discuss how our paths have crossed this way.” The old priest nodded and eased his tired frame onto one of the two smooth stones, the old man did likewise on the opposite stone and the two faced one another. Both were just relieved to sit and rest, even for a moment. The priest lowered his hood to reveal his aged, clean shaven face, his wrinkled features accentuated by the sun. The haggard old man lowered his hood as well; his matted hair flowed from beneath it as the mountain breeze rippled his scraggly beard.

“What brings you this way?” the old man asked, “We are a long way from anywhere!” “I travel about the world spreading my message.” the priest replied. “Imagine that, I do as well!” the old man responded, “What would your message be?”

“I spread a message of peace and tranquility among all people,” the priest responded, “and yours?” “Mine is one of war and disdain among all people.” the grizzled old man said. “My message teaches the virtues of hard work and doing good!” the old priest professed. “Mine teaches the wages of sin and evil!” the old man retorted. Both fell silent as the breeze died and the air went still. The two sat in stone faced silence.

After a moment, a smile crept across the old man’s face from beneath his beard. “It appears we have reached a bit of an impasse my friend!” he said. “Yes it does.” The old priest responded. They sat for another moment mulling the ironic concept that each ones mission was meaningless without the others. Without speaking a word they both turned their bodies in opposite directions on the two smooth stones on which they sat. Each stood, donned their hoods and headed off on their original paths.

Operations and Maintenance are the devils and priests of the trucking industry…one can’t exist without the other. Without operations and drivers running our tired warhorses to death, we, the down-trodden of Maintenance would have nothing to repair and refurbish. Believe me when I say unto you, that your perceived roles of good and evil depend entirely on what side of the fence you are on. One cannot exist if the other goes away. Operations and drivers make the money and maintenance spends it so operations and drivers can make more money. The circle of Trucking Life!


‘Til next time, y’all come see us! We are not the enemy. Follow the path of the TITO!

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