This year the annual CVSA Roadcheck, often referred to as the Safety Blitz, will be on June 5-7. Each year a special area of emphasis is selected. It is no surprise that this year it will be on the Hours of Service regulations. Here are a few pointers to help you get through with no violations and a few extra dollars in your pockets.

  • If asked which type of electronic log you are utilizing it is an AOBRD (Automatic On Board Recording Device).
  • Approve / Certify your logs each day.
  • Keep your LOAD tab on your logs updated by putting in your trailer and trip numbers.
  • Log it like you do. All On-Duty functions in the furtherance of the company’s business, such as pre-trip inspections, fueling, loading, dropping or hooking trailers, etc., are required to logged ON DUTY NOT DRIVNG.
  • Have must have a DOT Quick Reference Card to give to the officer if requested.
  • Have blank log pages (graph grids) available to use in case your Omnitracs unit were to stop working.

Officers will also be checking for compliance of the HOS (Hours of Service) Regulations by downloading logs for closer inspection. To download your logs, you will go to the Tab on the Hours of Service module in Omnitracs that is marked “8 Day”. This is where you can see hours worked in the previous 8 days. In the bottom right hand corner of this screen there is a button for FAX. Select the FAX option and then fill in the FAX number to be sent to, and the officers name goes where it says “Attention”. When you send this your logs will be sent to the indicated FAX number.

There is a check list on the employee and IC pay portals with information on this same topic.

During the month of June will be increasing the reward for clean inspections to $100 for a Level 1 or 2 inspection, and $50 for a level 3 inspection.

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