After you have completed your DOT physical, the state in which you have your CDL requires that a copy of your medical card be submitted to them. The medical card is required to be recorded within 15 days of receipt.

The only three states as of today that require it to be completed online are Florida, Massachusetts, and Mississippi.

As a courtesy the Safety Department will submit the medical card for you. Most states will only discuss the status of your medical card/CDL with CDL holder, so it is imperative that you follow up with your local Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) office or in Texas it will be the Department of Public Safety (DPS), three days after receiving it, to make sure that they have received and recorded your new medical card. If they do not have record of receiving, please contact the Safety Department and we can re-send or you can take the medical card to your local DMV/DPS office.

Failure to complete this within the 15 days can and will downgrade your CDL to a Class B. You can also be placed Out of Service at a Roadside Inspection if this card is not updated and this Driver Fitness violation will severely affect your CSA score.

Getting your DOT physical done at least two weeks prior to the expiration date will benefit you to make sure that this process is complete so that you are not placed Out of Service and/or your CDL is not downgraded.

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