The career of a professional OTR driver is different than most. Over-the-road driving is more than just a job; it’s a lifestyle. Traveling across the country enables drivers to see places and sights most 9-to5ers can only read about. The road can take a toll on family life, but the money sure can lift the burden of financial stress from loved ones and make home time much more enjoyable.

Most professional OTR drivers like to head out with the light. A typical workday is 14 hours long, of which a maximum of 11 hours are spent driving. Experienced OTR drivers know the best truck stops along the way, and make the most of their scheduled breaks. Working for a well-established company like EPES Transport System, Inc., which offers 24-hour support is extremely helpful, especially when driving a long haul.

OTR drivers are truly special. Driving long stretches can get monotonous; after awhile the road signs and trees all start to look the same—which could lead to road fatigue. However, there is always the excitement of what’s to come and the money to be made on the next load. The stories of the unique, beautiful and even strange sights encountered when on the road can be very entertaining to family and friends back home. OTR drivers who work with EPES Transport get the opportunity to enjoy home time every weekend. True, it’s not the same as being home every night, but this arrangement does ensure that drivers stay in touch with family life.

The life of a professional OTR driver may not always be easy, but it can be a very rewarding career loaded with opportunities. With a good support system at home and an experienced company that has got your back, the sky’s the limit on how far your trucking career can go.

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