As the Field Recruiter for Epes Transport I travel to different truck driving schools promoting the Epes Transport brand with the hope that one of those student will take the opportunity to be part of the Epes family.

It’s a wonderful experience standing in a class room speaking to students about the company and offering them some advice on how they should go about selecting a company to work for once they have completed their training.

Many of them have the wrong idea of what it will be like once they start their driving career, because some recruiters will make it seem like it’s going to be a breeze. So I am always explaining to them that they need to do their due diligence before making that final decision on which company they will be starting their career with. I often tell them that that they should not just take the word of the recruiter to include my word, but talk to drivers from the companies they are looking at so that way they can hear it straight from driver about everyday life in that company not the recruiter.

But it’s always good to have that Ace in the hole when doing a classroom presentation. Enters Tammy Bryant. Tammy is a driver/trainer for Epes and she was one of the very first drivers I recruited when I started working here over 4 yrs. ago.

Tammy is a very good trainer for Epes sharing everything she has learned along the way to her trainees during their period of training. So having her do classroom presentations with me is a plus, because the students get an opportunity not only to speak to one of our Drivers but a Trainer as well and it goes a long way to verifying the information I give to them.

Tammy will often take the opportunity during her home time to go by her former truck driving school Sampson Community College in Clinton NC, and speak to the students about working for Epes Transport. She is and have been a great asset to me with my presentations at her former school.

She’s constantly asking to attend school visits with me and I always welcome it. It truly say a lot about the quality of the drivers we have here at Epes, and their willingness to share their knowledge with others and wanting to make Epes Transport even better.

Thank you Tammy Bryant!!!!!!

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