This week one of the biggest news stories is about a six-year-old boy named Stanley who applied for a model designing job at LegoLand.  The four-sentence handwritten application has been attracting international media attention. The letter proclaims his love for Lego’s and states that he is “the man [for] the job because I have lots Read More →

A long time ago (1999) in a land far away…a gentle farm dog burst in to the barn with a surprise for the farmer.  In his slobbery jowls rested an injured kitten.  The kitten was emaciated, its fur matted with dried blood.  We don’t know what happened to the kitten; perhaps it was the lone Read More →

Effective: We break down the walls of all departments and work together as a competitive family. Want to facts ? 1) Gold Carrier. 2) 2016 Outbound Carrier of the Year. Both awards provide by Lowe’s Home Improvement. Efficient : It takes time, patience, and the love of people to remain profitable for 80+ years. Efficiency Read More →

Epes Transport Inc. annual health fair was an epic event. It was held on the front lawn of the Greensboro terminal on 05/03/17. Golden Corral catered with their world class banana pudding. Varies venders came with the latest health/wellness information for our family of employees. At Epes, a healthy employee is a happy one ☺ Read More →